Vegan Lentil and Walnut Sausage Rolls

Vegan Lentil and Walnut Sausage Rolls

I love veggie sausage rolls. They are a serious craving of mine. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since buying them at the canteen in highschool.  They are my favourite thing to eat at parties or picnics and they were also probably my biggest craving in pregnancy, which is saying something because I didn’t really have cravings in pregnancy. I think in reality I just love puff pastry, but the puff pastry is the reason I didn’t want to upload this post. As delicious as it is, it’s not very healthy. Most store-bought options are actually vegan but are made with highly processed margarine which is a source of trans fats, refined flour, and preservatives. For that reason, I don’t have pastry very often at all. I hardly ever cook with it at home. When I lived in Townsville I was able to find this wholemeal spelt puff pastry that had beautifully clean ingredients and was also vegan. I used to use that in my cooking all the time, but I can not find it where I live now and I can’t order it online because the company has no online sellers at all. I wanted to attempt to make my own puff pastry but I was too scared in the end. It’s a lot of work for a dish that should be relatively easy and I didn’t want to risk the recipe not working (I’m not good with dough and pastry making). I had a friend that said if you just load the sausage rolls up with as much healthy filling as you can, then a little bit of puff pastry from time to time is probably ok. I completely agree with that. So I decided to go with it and just upload my favourite sausage roll recipe.

I feel like since I have started to share more hormone content, I am getting more people interested in how I actually eat. In the past, I have been more particular about making sure all the recipes I upload were consistent with my idea of “healthy” (yes I know we all have different definitions of healthy) but the truth is that even though healthy eating is incredibly important, it’s also important to not stress over food. I don’t like the idea of dieting and restriction and I definitely eat unhealthy things on the regular. Besides the filling is pretty healthy and delicious! That’s all I am going to say for this post. Here is the recipe.

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Vegan Lentil and Walnut Sausage Rolls
Recipe type: savory
Hazel & Cacao:
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 16
  • 1 x 400g tin brown lentils drained and rinsed
  • ½ cup rolled oats
  • ¼ cup walnuts
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp mixed herbs
  • 2 Tbsp tamari
  • 2 Tbsp vegan barbeque sauce
  • 2 TBSP bread crumbs (GF if necessary)
  • 2 sheets puff pastry (GF if necessary)
  • soy milk for brushing
  • sesame seeds for sprinkling
  1. Add walnuts and oats to a food processor and blend until fine crumb forms.
  2. Add drained lentils and remaining spices, sauce, and breadcrumbs and blend until combined. The mixture should be sticky but easily rollable. If its too dry, ad a little water, If it is too wet, add some more breadcrumbs
  3. Cut puff pastry sheet in half lengthways
  4. Divide filling mixture into 4 and roll each quarter into long sausages - just a little shorter than the length of the puff pastry sheet.
  5. Place one long sausage in the centre of each puff pastry half and roll the pastry around the sausage.
  6. Cut into 4 even rolls with a knife. Repeat for each pastry sheet. You should get 16 sausage rolls
  7. Brush over a little soy milk on the top of the pastry and sprinkle on some sesame seeds if desired
  8. Bake in the oven fat 200 C or about 30 minutes or until pastry is cooked.

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