Eating for Hormone Balance: A Plant-Based Guide

The book includes:

This book is a comprehensive educational guide on eating for hormone health with a strong focus on plant predominant diets for women. A science-backed resource to give women the knowledge and inspiration they need to support their unique physiology. It includes:

  • Menstrual cycle and hormone education
  • Foundational guidelines for eating right for hormone balance
  • Exploration of the science regarding many confusing nutrition topics pertaining to women’s health eg, gluten, dairy, soy and alcohol
  • Cycle syncing
  • Over 60 delicious phase-specific plant-based recipes.

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So much information in a well written beautifully presented book (I need lovely photos to inspire me!). What I love most about this book is the recipes are simple, don't have a lot of ingredients and are quick and easy to make. I've tried about 8 recipes so far and have loved every one of them, but Green Pea Pesto Pasta is my absolute favourite to date - delicious!
Tracie Gaine
Amazon Customer
Talida has journeyed for years with a community of women in the online space and has been generous in sharing what she’s learning. It’s great to see extensive research collated into a book that supports those that feel overlooked by others in the hormone field and labelled “silly” because they choose intentionally to be plant-based. Combining well-versed information with the inspiration of recipes to support your cycle has empowered me to be more intentional with how I eat, and I’m feeling very empowered. Love this read!
Ruth Hodge
Amazon Customer
A well written guide that I recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall health and understand how to eat for optimal hormonal health. It provides useful insights such as the effect of animal protein versus plant based protein in the body, or which oils are most suitable for cooking. I learnt a lot reading the tips section for each food category on how to best consume each of the food items. I like the ingredients that are used in the recipes and that these are free from refined sugars. A lot of useful information and in an easy to understand and digestible way!
Amazon Customer
I can't say enough wonderful things about this book and the author! I've been following her for years and thrilled to be able have her book finally!! Her recipes are phenomenal and simple to follow. Her explanations are in-depth but completely easy to understand and you learn so much about your body and things that NO ONE EVER TEACHES YOU BUT SHOULD!! I highly recommend reading because you LEARN about your body and can feel the results from cooking! It's exactly what I've been needing all along! I even brought it to my fertility doctor's office and they passed it around and fell in love!!! Pages are gorgeous and meals are incredible!! I can't wait for her next book!
Jennifer Wright Shank
Amazon Customer
This book is more than just a cookbook. First of all the pictures and layout are beautifully done! Secondly the research done for this book is very in-depth and not easily found elsewhere in one place. I appreciate that a list of foods have been provided for each phase of a woman's cycle thus allowing you to create your own meals based on that list. But if you're feeling less creative the author has included a number of attractive recipes for all phases and times of the day.
Amazon Customer
I love this book. It’s beautifully laid out, gorgeous pictures and gives so much information, as well as amazing recipes. It’s easy to read and is written in a way that is easy to understand. As a therapist, working with women experiencing hormone imbalance, this will be No.1 in my recommended reading list. Thank you for your insight and wisdom Talida x
Amazon Customer

What this book offers


Food hacks
and tips

Grocery lists for
each phase of
the cycle

Over 60

Who is this book for?

Much of the evidence on nutrition has been conducted on men. Many women are left confused as to why popular diet advice does not work for them. This book is for any woman that wants to understand her unique physiology and what the evidence says about eating in a way that supports the fluctuating hormones of the menstrual cycle. The book is especially for plant-based women who wish to optimise their eating to help support their hormones and wellbeing. Many plant-based women find that their diet choices are not supported by the health professionals they encounter. This book aims to give plant-based women the knowledge and confidence to empower them in their dietary choices. The book is also for any woman that wants to increase the variety of plant-foods in their diet in a way that is supportive of their hormone health.

Here are just some of the recipes you can find in the book

About the Author

Talida is a mum and wife from Australia. She is a certified fertility awareness educator with post-graduate studies in biomedical science majoring in nutrition science and reproductive endocrinology. Talida is also a student herbalist and owns an online business specifically for women where she combines her knowledge in nutrition and fertility awareness to teach women to chart their cycles and improve their hormone health through food, knowledge and plant medicines. Talida is also active on social media and has owned a food blog since 2016. She loves to share many plant-based recipes as well as information on hormone health with her followers online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The book is available for sale internationally through Amazon. The book must be purchased by the Amazon website relevant to each geographical region. It can not be purchased outside of your geographical area so make sure you use the correct website when searching for the book. The book is available as a print copy and digital through the Amazon Kindle app.

The digital version of the book is available exclusively through Amazon Kindle. Currently the print version is only available through Amazon but we are working on getting the book on other bookstores soon.

At this stage the book is only available in English.

The book is based on the fluctuating hormones of the menstrual cycle for women of reproductive years. The book does mention peri-menopause and menopause on occasion and provides some foundational principles around eating for hormone balance such as blood sugar, liver health and gut health that is relevant to all women. The recipes are cycle synced based on each phase of the menstrual cycle but are also appropriate for women at any age.

No the recipes are not exclusively gluten free however 3/4 of the recipes are completely gluten free and nearly 95% of the recipes provide a gluten free option as an alternative.

No the book is not only for vegans. The term “plant-based” in the literature encompasses any dietary pattern that includes about 80-85% plant foods and above. The book aims to help plant-based women have confidence in their dietary choices and encourage the addition of more plant-foods into the diet for anyone wishing to eat more plants. The recipes in the book are 100% plant-based.

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The book is available to purchase as a Kindle eBook or paper back cover from Amazon. Please select the store in your geographical region. If you are not located in any of these regions, please search for the title of the book “Eating for Hormone Balance: A plant-based guide” on the Amazon website in your geographical region.

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