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Eating for Hormone Balance: A Plant-based Guide

This book is a comprehensive educational guide on eating for hormone health with a strong focus on plant predominant diets for women. A science-packed resource to give women the knowledge and inspiration they need to support their unique physiology. The book includes:

  • Menstrual cycle and hormone education
  • Foundational guidelines
  • Exploration of the science regarding many confusing nutrition topics pertaining to women’s health eg, gluten, dairy, soy and alcohol
  • Cycle syncing
  • Over 60 delicious phase-specific plant-based recipes.
Raw Walnut Brownies with Coconut Cream Frosting

I have been thinking about recipes to help target inflammation. This is because inflammation is one of the biggest root causes of hormonal imbalance. While most chronic inflammation is related

Vegan Cashew White Chocolate Blondies

I share a lot of dessert recipes on my website. When I first started food blogging, I would get the most positive feedback on my desserts, especially the ones that

One Ingredient Flaxseed Wrap

This was by far my most popular recipe on Instagram. It is not really my recipe, there are hundreds of similar recipes on the internet. I actually remember first seeing

Vegan Steamed Creme Brulee

This recipe is the result of doing some brand work with a client. I was asked to create a vegan creme brulee using the steam and grill function on the

How the Gut Microbiome affects Hormone Balance

The field of gut health is relatively new in science and recently microbiome research has exploded, however, there is still much that is unknown. My aim for this article is

How effective is FAM in comparison to other birth control methods?

One of the biggest reservations people face when deciding to use fertility awareness as a method of birth control is effectiveness. Thanks to the misinformation around fertility awareness and the

Is Fertility Awareness Method the same as Period Tracking?

Is FAM the same as period tracking? Sympto-thermal FAM methods are NOT the same as period tracking. Period tracking is the modern version of what was previously called the rhythm


Book in a 1 on 1 consultation addressing unique women’s health complaints and hormone issues through nutrition and lifestyle. Receive evidence based advice on how to tailor your unique diet to support female physiology.

Support for:

  • low hormones (estrogen, progesterone etc)
  • symptomatic periods (heavy, painful, irregular etc)
  • estrogen dominance
  • PMS and mood
  • PCOS
  • preconception and fertility
  • blood sugar management
  • improving microbial diversity through plants

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