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Eating for Hormone Balance: A Plant-based Guide

This book is a comprehensive educational guide on eating for hormone health with a strong focus on plant predominant diets for women. A science-packed resource to give women the knowledge and inspiration they need to support their unique physiology. The book includes:

  • Menstrual cycle and hormone education
  • Foundational guidelines
  • Exploration of the science regarding many confusing nutrition topics pertaining to women’s health eg, gluten, dairy, soy and alcohol
  • Cycle syncing
  • Over 60 delicious phase-specific plant-based recipes.

Book a free 15 min discovery call and discover how fertility awareness and nutrition can support you.

Support for:

  • conception timing
  • hormone free birth control
  • low hormones
  • symptomatic periods (heavy, painful, irregular etc)
  • missing periods
  • estrogen dominance
  • thyroid
  • stress and adrenal
  • PMS and mood
  • PCOS
  • preconception and fertility
  • pregnancy
  • postpartum and breastfeeding
  • peri-menopause
  • blood sugar management
  • insulin resistance
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The menstrual cycle is a complex interplay of hormones and physiological changes that women experience each month. Beyond its impact on reproductive health, the menstrual cycle also influences various aspects


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