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Bio: Talida is a mum from Australia. She is a certified fertility awareness educator with post-graduate studies in biomedical science focusing on nutrition science and reproductive endocrinology. Talida   is an author, student herbalist and runs an online nutrition and fertility awareness consulting business and has a plant-based food and womens health blog and instagram page dedicated to educating thousands of women about plant-based nutrition, plants as medicine, hormone balance, the menstrual cycle and fertility.

Common topics on for podcasts

  • Understanding the menstrual cycle
  • Fertility awareness basics on how to chart your cycle
  • The benefits and risks of plant-based diets for women’s hormones
  • Liver and gut health for hormones
  • Blood sugar balance
  • The science on gluten, dairy and intermittent fasting and women’s hormones
  • Cycle syncing: How to sync plant-foods to your menstrual cycle. Seed cycling.
  • How phytoestrogens from soy and flaxseeds affect womens hormones
  • What are the best fats for hormone balance?
  • Protein and hormones, plant-based protein sources
  • Caffeine and alcohol and how they affect hormones

Please contact me via email in if you wish to book me as a guest on your podcast. The above topics are a guide only based on topics I have covered on previous podcast interviews. I am happy to discuss any other relevant topic that may be relevant to your audience and podcast.

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