Nutrition Consults

What you can expect from your consult

To begin, book a Free 15-minute Discovery call on zoom. During the call, we will discuss your unique female health concerns and we can assess if the nutrition consults are a good fit for you. During the discovery call, I will explain what you can expect from the nutrition consult, including instructions on filling out the food journal and any necessary medical history information. If you choose to go forward with a nutrition consult, you will receive an email from me where you can download and fill out a medical history form as well as a 3-day food journal. You will also receive a link in your email where you can choose from 2 Nutrition Consult packages:

  • Package 1: one-off nutrition consult valued at $99 AUD
    Includes a one-hour zoom consult, food diary analysis, customised nutrition advice and handouts, ongoing support via email when needed, a free digital copy of my book “Eating to Hormone Balance” with over 60 hormone-friendly recipes and 15 min 2-week follow-up.
  • Package 2: three nutrition consults (one per month) valued at $250 AUD. Includes 3 x one-hour zoom consults, 1 call each month, food diary analysis, customised nutrition advice and handouts, ongoing support via email when needed, and a free digital copy of my book “Eating for Hormone Balance” with over 60 hormone-friendly recipes. Spacing nutrition consults over a month can help us monitor changes in the menstrual cycle and see if any improvements are occurring. Three months is usually needed at a minimum to see improvements in hormone balance.

Book in your free 15-min Discovery Call

1-hour video call on Zoom 

Food diary analysis

Hormone testing advice

Tailored nutrition advice for women

Supplement recommendation if necessary

2-week follow up

Book in a 1 on 1 nutrition consultation

Support for:

  • low hormones (estrogen, progesterone etc)
  • symptomatic periods (heavy, painful, irregular etc)
  • missing periods
  • estrogen dominance
  • PMS and mood
  • PCOS
  • preconception and fertility
  • pregnancy
  • postpartum and breastfeeding
  • peri-menopause and menopause
  • blood sugar management
  • improving microbial diversity through plants
  • improving relationship with food

My approach

After years of struggling with my own hormonal problems, food anxiety, food aversions, poor appetite and a history of extreme fussy eating, I understand how difficult dietary changes can be to make. My approach is slow and gentle, offering guidance and evidence based information for dietary and nutrition choices that help to support the unique physiology of the female body.

My training is in nutrition science and reproductive endocrinology. As I am not a nutritionist or dietician, I do not offer any strict food plans or regimes to follow. Slow and gentle changes are the most suitable for supporting female metabolism and physiology and are most likely to result in long-term sustainable change. My approach is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make the food choices that are right for you, while gently supporting you along the way. I was unable to fully learn to enjoy, be satisfied and receive health from my food without healing my own relationship with food first. My approach is mindful of your own relationship with food and takes into account the unique challenges you may be facing when approaching food.

Although I am predominantly plant-based you do not need to be plant-based to work with me, nor will I expect you to become plant-based. You can however expect me to recommend different plant-foods that may be useful in assisting the gut microbiome and hormone balance on the whole. Due to my own health struggles, I am unable to take any conventional supplementation. For this reason, I strongly believe in a food first approach. In the situations where supplementation is required I have found whole-food based products made of different food powders that in my opinion are safer and superior to conventional supplements. If needed I can recommend these supplements when appropriate.

I hope that the hundreds of recipes in my blog, Instagram and book can also be a source of inspiration to you in our consults.

Receive a free digital pdf copy of my new book “Eating for Hormone Balance: a Plant-based Guide” when you purchase a Nutrition Consult package. The book is a comprehensive guide covering the principles of eating for hormone balance as well as over 60 hormone-friendly recipes. The pdf will be sent to your email upon purchasing a consult.