Tropical Dairy Free Green Smoothie Oatmeal Bowl

Refined sugar free, plant based
Tropical Dairy Free Green Smoothie Oatmeal Bowl

I’ve never really been a fan of green smoothies. I’ve always absolutely loved my green juice and have it at least a couple of times a week but when it comes to smoothies I just don’t seem to like the same ingredients blended up in smoothie form. I have seen many people add greens to their favourite fruit-based smoothies and although these types of smoothies are delicious they’re just not filling enough for me! My smoothies tend to involve oats and nut butter and lots of granola so that they can last me the morning. Plain fruit and veggie smoothies will leave me hungry within an hour. I’ve recently been combing my smoothies with oatmeal a big bowl of overnight oats or instant oats so I can get all the goodness of the fruits and veggies from a smoothie but also feel full all morning long. I absolutely love this arrangement and I don’t think I’m going back!

My favourite type of green smoothie is a fruit smoothie because I just don’t like the texture of things like celery and cucumber in smoothie form. This particular smoothie is mostly fruit with a bit of spinach so I’ve added some green powder that has lots of powdered green vegetables and a few herbs to help pump up the green goodness and increase the nutritional value.

For the oatmeal part of this bowl, I love to use dairy-free yogurt. I occasionally use store-bought coconut yogurt but my absolute favourite use is my homemade soy yogurt made from silken tofu. I make up a batch once a week and it lasts the whole week (unless we eat it) I’ll post the recipe here

Generally, greens seem to be known for their detox qualities. Personally, I’m not totally convinced that this is true as our bodies are very good at detoxing on their own without any extra help. I agree that greens are very good for both digestive and liver health and so may assist with detox functions however the main reason I eat my greens on a regular basis has more to do with hormone health than it has to do with detoxing. Greens are very high in magnesium and plant-based calcium. Both these nutrients are essential to building healthy progesterone levels. In fact, I was extremely deficient in magnesium for a very long time and eating greens and raw chocolate helped me much more than taking high-quality magnesium supplements for a whole year.  Food really is powerful and greens are very potent.

I hope you enjoy this smoothie oatmeal combination as much as I do. My toddler really loves this combo as well and it’s a good way for him to get some greens since he’s still not very good at chewing salad!


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