Chickpea Sweet Potato and Kale Patties

Chickpea Sweet Potato and Kale Patties

We absolutely love patties in our family. I think it’s the perfect way to pack in different vegetables, legumes and wholegrains in a compact little size. Patties have got to be one of my toddler’s favourite foods and I love feeding them to him because I know he’s eating a balanced portion of goodness. The inspiration for these patties came from falafels. My husband and I love falafels but our little one does not. He used to like them but he fell really sick a few months back and since then he’s not wanted to go anywhere near falafels. I wanted to make some patties that would work as falafels but also be more to his liking. He loved them and so do I. In fact, these are definitely going to be replacing the store-bought falafels that I used to buy. They don’t taste the same but they still work well with similar flavours like tzatziki.

For this recipe, I tried microwaving sweet potatoes for the first time and I am pleased to say that it worked really well! I usually stay away from recipes using sweet potatoes because they take so long to cook and it seems like a lot of effort, they were done in 10 minutes in the microwave and made for a much quicker experience. You can of course roast the sweet potatoes instead or even boil or steam them if you prefer. This is a really comforting recipe that is perfect for the luteal phase when you want something very satisfying and nourishing. Chickpeas are an excellent source of vitamin b6 which helps to stabilize mood in PMS and sweet potatoes are a great source of beta carotene which has been shown in some studies to help boost progesterone levels.  I loved putting kale into these patties because my toddler struggles to eat kale in salads. This way I know he’s still getting the goodness of kale in a form that he loves more.  I’m recently making vegan tzatziki to go along with these patties with silken tofu cucumber, garlic, lemon, and mint and it’s amazing! best I have made, but you can make your own tzatziki with any plain yogurt you wish or use cashews instead.

For this recipe I have used beautiful local sweet potatoes and kale from I am so glad to have discovered this service. It’s an online farmers market that services the Newcastle and Sydney areas and cares a lot about sustainability and paying our farmers fairly. Our big move interstate has been a tough one for us, it took me about 18 months to discover this service and I wish I had discovered it sooner because it gives me so much peace of mind that my produce is high quality and nutritious. I can taste the difference in all the products, it has so much more flavour. It’s making it quite difficult for me to buy things from the supermarkets anymore because I know the flavour just won’t be there.


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