Top 5 Mums and Bubs Plant Based Breakfast Recipes

Dairy free, refined sugar free, non allergy specific
Top 5 Mums and Bubs Plant Based Breakfast Recipes

Rewind time back to about a year ago, when my baby boy was 6 months old and I was convinced I was going to use my blog to talk about motherhood-related topics. (Does every woman go through this little identity crisis once having a baby? You know when all you really care about is the baby and all things motherhood and everything else becomes less important?)  Although I’m not opposed to doing the odd motherhood post (like this one) especially when it also involves hormones, I’ve since figured out that it’s not the direction my blog is going to take and I’m happy I’ve redirected to the topics that are most authentic to me once again.

However, during that time, I had just started my baby on solids and was getting quite a lot of attention on Instagram for the meals that I made for me and my baby to share. I genuinely think I gained a small new type of audience due to my Instagram stories during that time. I would have messages weekly thanking me for the inspiration and asking for more ideas of meals to share with babies. I realized that I never got around to all the blog posts I had promised my followers and I’m feeling very bad about it! So I’ve decided to add links to my top 5 Mum’s and bubs breakfast recipes in this post. These are recipes that I actually used to share with my baby since he was about 6 months old and recipes I still share with my toddler today! They are whole foods plant-based recipes free of dairy and refined sugars. I’ve already blogged them but thought it would be beneficial to compile them in a separate post.

The truth is I found introducing solids very overwhelming. I hated making baby food from scratch (probably because I hate boiling food in general) and so I naturally gravitated to making food that was appropriate for bubs digestion but also good for me to eat at the same time (plus I also gave him lots of commercial baby food packets haha).

I want to stress that my recipes are NOT allergy friendly. They contain nuts butters and soy and even a few fruits that some people don’t suggest adding til a later date. I made a decision to introduce high allergy foods as soon as possible (provided they could be easily digested and not a choking hazard) because I believe early exposure is the best prevention for allergies in children. Furthermore no one in my family or my husbands family suffer from food allergies so I doubted that it would be a problem for our baby. I also exclusively breastfed and ensured that I was eating a wide variety of foods while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is fabulous for allergy protection as is exposed babies to different compounds and proteins that are passed down through the milk and gives the baby time to adjust even before starting solids.

I used to be a very fussy eater as a child so my priority in feeding food to my baby was to be as relaxed as possible (as pressure can lean fussy eating) to involve him in the process of making food as well as family mealtime from an early age and to expose him to as many whole foods as I could. Food before one really is just for fun! The majority of nutrients comes from breastfeeding (or formula) so it’s about exposure to different taste and textures exploring and learning about food and not stressing about calorie intake and nutrients. By age one when it’s generally safe to give babies table food, they have hopefully formed a pallet for different foods and associate food with a fun stress-free experience.

I’m not an expert, I made many mistakes when I was first starting out with baby food and the process did not come easily to me at all. Despite being an early teether, my baby had a very strong gag reflex until he was 10 months old so until that time I could only feed him puréed food and grainy textures but nothing overly chunky. The baby led weaning approach did not work for us as he was unable to swallow and chew chunky foods but I still would add little bits of food on his tray for him to explore, mouth and taste. It was a bit of a journey but in the end, we figured it out and I came up with a handful of recipes that I made on repeat that both I and the baby really loved! We honestly still eat most of these breakfast recipes today! Except now I have to make him a separate portion as well as otherwise he eats most of my serving and I’m left hungry.

As with all motherhood related topics, this way of eating and my approach was right for me and my baby and our lifestyle. If these recipes or style of eating don’t work for you and your circumstances then do what is best for you and your baby.


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Tropical Vegan Half and Half smoothie oatmeal bowl


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