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Eating for Hormone Balance: A Plant-based Guide

This book is a comprehensive educational guide on eating for hormone health with a strong focus on plant predominant diets for women. A science-packed resource to give women the knowledge and inspiration they need to support their unique physiology. The book includes:

  • Menstrual cycle and hormone education
  • Foundational guidelines
  • Exploration of the science regarding many confusing nutrition topics pertaining to women’s health eg, gluten, dairy, soy and alcohol
  • Cycle syncing
  • Over 60 delicious phase-specific plant-based recipes.

Book a free 15 min discovery call discussing unique women’s health concerns. Choose from a number of different nutrition and fertility awareness consult packages.

Support for:

  • conception timing
  • hormone free birth control
  • low hormones
  • symptomatic periods (heavy, painful, irregular etc)
  • missing periods
  • estrogen dominance
  • thyroid
  • stress and adrenal
  • PMS and mood
  • PCOS
  • preconception and fertility
  • pregnancy
  • postpartum and breastfeeding
  • peri-menopause and menopause
  • blood sugar management
  • insulin resistance
  • improving microbial diversity through plants
  • improving relationship with food
Vegan Beetroot Choc Chip Protein Pancakes

I have been wanting to highlight beetroot as a wonderful food for women. It’s a beautiful support for liver health and is also very high in iron and useful in

Vegan Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

I am currently spending a month talking about the liver and hormone balance on my Instagram and so I’m thinking up lots of recipes that are supportive to liver and

Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprout Rocket Salad

I have been thinking of recipes that are especially important for supporting liver detoxification of hormones.  I believe this recipe helps to target all the main detox pathways in the

Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf With Whole Lemon

I have been thinking up recipe ideas to go along with a liver/hormone series I am running on instagram. Citrus fruits are considered top foods for liver function. Citrus are

Blood Sugar Balance for Hormone Health

Blood sugar is one of the main root cause of hormone imbalance. Both high blood sugar and low blood sugar can cause hormone imbalances and disturbances in the menstrual cycle.

Castor Oil Pack Benefits for Women

Castor oil packs have been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of health conditions, including promoting hormone balance. Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus

Why Liver and Gall Bladder Problems Increase at Peri-menopause

Around the peri-menopausal transition, many women are surprised to find out they are dealing with increased weight gain, high cholesterol levels, metabolic syndrome and gall bladder stones. The majority of


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